UBS KeyLink
Global electronic banking solution
for professionals

UBS KeyLink Cash is a fully integrated global payment transaction module. It consolidates all account information in one single system, and also creates the interface for a quick and easy link between various back-office installations in locations around the world. UBS KeyLink Cash provides up-to-the minute information on your cash positions, giving you a better overview of your cash flow.

UBS KeyLink Cash gives you access to a broad range of instruction tools for making payments from your various accounts at UBS or other banks, carrying out transfers or keeping up to date concerning the status of incoming funds. Predefined templates reduce the amount of manual intervention as well as risk and processing costs. And all this with increased reliability and accuracy.

UBS KeyLink Cash is very flexible, so it makes no difference if you have accounts with one of UBS's many branch offices or with another bank. The system gives you a secure, interactive link to all your banks and speeds up the processing of your cash management transactions in every respect.

Major advantages

  • Access to all your accounts and custody accounts at all UBS branch offices and third party banks
  • Increases the automation and support of internal processes
  • Same application can be used for several needs (front and back office)
  • Archives data and audit trail function
  • E-documents acces

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