Outgoing payments - electronic

Efficient and secure: Why be overwhelmed by mountains of paperwork when you can choose to make your payments electronically? Our products ensure that you can do this securely - and with the minimum of fuss.

UBS e-banking

The ideal solution for a transaction volume of up to 250 payments per month.

UBS KeyDirect

The integrated payments solution for small and great companies.

UBS Multibanking Services

Intrabank cash management, even for international transactions.

UBS KeyLink

The right solution for efficient and inexpensive cash management.

Direct debit LSV+/BDD

For recurring payments with differing amounts.

UBS SWIFT for Corporates

The modern access route to the financial services industry.

Supplementary products

UBS VISA Commercial Cards: You can also optimize your outgoing payments and simplify your internal process with UBS card products, in purchasing, travel or expenses management, for example.