Depositing banknotes directly in your business: UBS Daily Cash Deposit

UBS Daily Cash Deposit enables you to make simple and secure banknote deposits directly in your business. The banknotes are automatically counted, checked and credited to your account.

In collaboration with MSE or SecurePost, we offer a convenient, full service for your cash receipts. UBS Daily Cash Deposit is ideally suited to businesses with annual cash turnover of between 500,000 and 3,000,000 Swiss francs.

A cash deposit machine is at the heart of UBS Daily Cash Deposit. This is an intelligent vault that is permanently installed in your back office and linked directly to the secure transportation company. Your employees can pay the cash receipts (Swiss franc and euro banknotes) into the machine at any time. The terminal verifies the authenticity of the banknotes and counts them automatically. It then holds them in safekeeping. From the moment they are deposited the notes are protected against theft and insured. Once the machine is full, the cash-in-transit operator is notified and the machine is emptied by arrangement with your staff.

In addition, UBS and the cash-in-transit operators provide you with a daily electronic overview of your deposits, which removes the need for time-consuming consolidation work across several branches.

The amounts deposited are credited to your UBS account in line with your value date arrangements (one bank working day after deposit at the earliest).

Your key benefits at a glance:

  • Secure and efficient handling of cash receipts in Swiss francs and euros at all times
  • Direct, transparent reporting and account management at UBS across all your branches
  • Insurance of the deposited banknotes against the risk of robbery or burglary
  • Credits made to your UBS account in line with your value date arrangements, regardless of when the terminal is emptied
  • Reduced risk, as there is no longer any need for you to transport cash to UBS
  • Costs can be planned, thanks to a fixed monthly flat-rate fee

Would you like to find out more?

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