SEPA transfers
UBS clients benefit from industry-leading expertise in international payment services.

As the leading provider of foreign payments services, UBS was the driving force behind the introduction of SEPA in Switzerland. Thanks to SEPA it is simpler, more transparent, more secure, faster and cheaper to transfer euros within Switzerland, to the EU and the entire EEA.

  • Simpler because master data, such as IBAN or BIC, will allow for fully automated processing.

  • More transparent because the fees are clearly defined and the beneficiary receives the entire transfer amount. Some recipient banks are charging a price for the incoming payment. This price must be communicated to the client.

  • More secure because all banks use uniform verification criteria.

  • Faster because payment orders submitted in good time are passed on by UBS on the same day even with a currency conversion.

  • Cheaper because transfers in Europe via UBS are as low-priced as payments within Switzerland.

Additional benefits for UBS-customers:

  • You can consolidate account management for your euro payments throughout the entire SEPA area in one account.
  • There are no booking or forwarding fees.
  • Incoming payments are free of charge for UBS clients.

UBS clients will participate from the start, You have been able to execute and receive SEPA payments since 2008. Your payments will automatically be recognised as SEPA-compliant by UBS and thus always processed optimally.

We recommend that you add IBAN and BIC to your business partner data and communicate your own IBAN and BIC in turn - your invoices are a good place to do this.

Our experts are actively involved with the European Payments Council and the Swiss Payments Council, bodies which define the details of the SEPA process and implementation. This allows us to keep our clients up-to-date about the latest developments at all times.

We are in regular contact with financial software houses, which makes it possible for us to ensure that SEPA XML formats provided by UBS in the future, and the adjustments these formats necessitate, are available in users' software in time (Overview of UBS software partners).

If you have any questions or require support, please contact us. Our advisors will be happy to help you optimize your Euro payments.