Benefits at a glance
Step for step more transparency and less costs

The introduction of SEPA over the next few years will create a single area for euro payment transactions. You too will benefit.

  • Since 2008 new cost-efficient SEPA products are available for euro payments in over 30 SEPA countries.
  • SEPA guarantees that the amount transferred will be credited to the recipient's account within a maximum of one bank business day from submission of the payment order at any bank in the SEPA area.
  • SEPA ensures full transparency starting from the time you issue your order. You can rely on the full amount being transferred to the beneficiary, without any third-party costs being deducted from the transaction amount. Some recipient banks are charging a price for the incoming payment. This price must be communicated to the client.
  • You can consolidate account management for your euro payments throughout the entire SEPA area in one account.
  • A completely new euro direct debit system is available for all SEPA countries since 2009.
  • Managing your client data will take less time and be more streamlined. It makes no difference which country you are based in - master data such as IBAN and BIC are standardized for all European business partners.
  • Standardized check criteria increase security for the transmission of your data.
  • Your payment transactions will be transferred in a unified trans-European format.
  • You can automate and optimize all the processes throughout the entire payment chain. This is made possible by SEPA-wide transmission of complete, structured details of reason for payment and reference fields.