UBS Visa Buyer's card
Making short work of long-distance purchases

UBS VISA Buyer's card

The UBS Visa Buyer's card allows you to pay for goods and services via the Internet, over the phone or by mail in connection with projects or departments ordered, giving you a clear overview of your expenditure and making it easier to spot potential cost savings. You have the option of ordering one or more Buyer's cards for an existing main account.

The Buyer's card is not personalized and can therefore can be used by several employees (subject to appropriate sign-off from you).

Overview of the major services and charges

Services Corporate main account


Annual fee for main account maintenance


100 / 75 / 75

Annual card fee

- in the first year

- from the second year (per card)


free of charge

100 / 75 / 75

Currency conversion

for transactions in foreign currencies

UBS “sell” exchange rate plus 1% processing surcharge

Insurance cover


Specific features of the Buyer's card

- it is not possible to make cash withdrawals (card is issued without a PIN)

- it is not possible to pay for good and services at the point of sale (card is not equipped with either a chip or a magnetic strip)

Spending bonus system

You can also earn a bonus for purchases made with your buyer's card.

24h-customer service/card blocking service

24 hours a day, 365 days a year


tel. +41-44-828 37 37

1) For payments made with the Buyer’s card, the traveler must have a UBS Visa Business or Corporate Card in order for the insurance benefits to apply. The amount of insurance coverage depends on whether the card is a Classic or Gold Card.