UBS Business Card Basic
Application forms

Thank you for choosing the UBS Business Card Basic.
Here, you can find all the necessary forms for submitting your card order. As we need an original signature to process your application, it is unfortunately not possible to complete this process online. Please print out the completed forms and sign them by hand. Thank you.


Application to open the main account (PDF, 526 KB)

Complete the form in full and sign it. Please enclose original excerpt from the Commercial Register. NB: This form only needs to be completed with your initial card order. If your company already has a UBS Business Basic Main Account, you only need to complete the UBS Business Card Basic order form.



Card application (PDF, 541 KB)

The request must have a legally valid signature (signature of the cardholder and legally valid signature of the company - please note individual/collective signature).



List of authorized signatories (PDF, 38 KB)

The list of authorized signatories must be completed by domiciliary companies and other legal entities whose corporate documents do not provide information on their authorized signatories. There must be given the signatures of all organs, agents and third parties authorized to sign with respect to UBS AG.

Please notify us of any changes in the list of people on this form.



LSV+ CHF (PDF, 598 KB)

Direct debit LSV+: Your payments are made automatically and on time.



Send to:

Flughofstrasse 35
P.O. Box
8152 Glattbrugg