AirPlus Company Account
Efficient travel-management

The AirPlus Company Account is an ideal addition at no cost to your UBS VISA Corporate Card. It enables centralized travel management via a single, "virtual" card and offers electronic access to all booking data. These data can be processed to create an improved basis for negotiations with your travel providers.

Your benefits

Collective invoice and unambiguous cost transparency
Instead of receiving a number of individual invoices, you receive one concise invoice from AirPlus at regular intervals, which includes all of the additional relevant information you need for the proper allocation of travel expenses within your company.

Comprehensive insurance cover
Whenever your staff are travelling on a trip paid for via your AirPlus Company Account, they are completely protected en route in addition to your existing insurance - for a premium of just CHF 150 per annum.

Transparent travel data
You can also view all of the transactions of the AirPlus Company Account online at any time via the AirPlus Business Travel Portal, which you can access from anywhere in the world.

Electronic Billing
With AirPlus Electronic Billing, we can also send your billing information to you in electronic form upon request - quickly and without complications. You can choose four different formats for your electronic data transmission: CSV, EDIFACT, LARS or XML.

AirPlus is a member of the Universal Air Travel Plan (UATP), the first payment system for official travel. The AirPlus Company Account is a UATP-Card (Lodged Card) and is accepted by almost all airlines worldwide as a form of payment for the purchase of flight tickets and train tickets.


Annual contribution
- with travel accident insurance

Free of charge
CHF 150



Payment deadline

10 days with direct debit system (LSV)