UBS PortfolioLink Web
Your portfolio information system

UBS PortfolioLink Web is an Internet-based system that offers a comprehensive set of modules for accessing portfolio information. Designed for professional Global Custody clients, UBS PortfolioLink Web provides all the necessary information to monitor your portfolios, evaluate your assets, and make informed investment decisions.


The comprehensive information capabilities, impressive data quality and fast data access makes UBS PortfolioLink Web the ideal platform for monitoring and analyzing your portfolios. With its clear and functional structure, you will be able to have a rapid overview of your portfolios thanks to a simple navigation. With a mouse click you will be able to control the strategy of your asset allocation, have an overview of all your positions and transactions held in a portfolio, control your investment guidelines and compare performance figures with other portfolios.

With UBS PortfolioLink Web you can also:

  • Access up-to-date data anytime and from anywhere

  • Navigate seamlessly between modules with just a few mouse clicks

  • Find portfolio information immediately

  • Select the language in which you want to view your portfolios (E, F, G, I)

  • Access a full range of transactions and holdings history

  • Obtain pertinent information thanks to "drill down" functionality

In essence, UBS PortfolioLink Web is a flexible and user-friendly portfolio information system, which allows you to obtain detailed data for the analysis and evaluation of your portfolios any time based on the latest Internet technology and security standards.


UBS PortfolioLink Web protects your data through a combination of highly efficient and modern security standards: the access to UBS PortfolioLink Web is made especially secure through identification by a contract number, a PIN code, a password to access the UBS PortfolioLink database and a two stage UBS Sign authorization process.

Technical requirements

UBS PortfolioLink Web can be used as a standalone solution for a workstation or can be integrated into a LAN comprising several workstations. Furthermore, you can get information on your portfolios anytime and from anywhere using your Notebook.

To navigate the UBS PortfolioLink Web safely, we highly recommend the following hard- and software:

  • Minimum Hardware requirements: Pentium II processor or similar, 32MB RAM, 1GB of hard disk space.

  • A modern ISDN connection or equivalent.

  • Browser: Internet explorer 6.0 or higher or Netscape 7.x.

  • Windows 98 or higher.