Research is a fundamental component of our investment process. See below for a selection of publications on market trends, our assessments and special investment themes. Each of the publications is geared towards an individual group of investors.

Market/investment review & outlook

UBS Outlook Switzerland
Once a quarter, "UBS Outlook Switzerland" discusses the state of the economy, the situation in a variety of industries and the Swiss real estate market. Once a year, a special edition is dedicated to corporate governance issues or focuses on a particular sector of the economy.
Frequency: Quarterly Topic focus: Switzerland Latest issue: deu fra ita

Investment letter
The “Investment letter” provides a platform for UBS experts to comment on global and local markets, using product examples to illustrate what this means for investors.
Frequency: Quarterly Topic focus: Switzerland Latest issue: deu (PDF, 487 KB) eng (PDF, 476 KB)

Market/investment themes

Economic Insights
“Economist Insights” is a weekly publication dealing with topical economic issues.
Frequency: Weekly Topic focus: Global Latest issue: eng (PDF, 280 KB)

Investing in 2014
“Investing in 2014” deals with longer-term investment themes and trends, with a focus on 2014.
Frequency: Annualy Topic focus: Global Latest issue: deu eng fra

Current Perspectives - insights into the current market environment

Back to the future - March 2012
Curt Custard, Head of Global Investment Solutions, looks at developments which the investment sector is currently experiencing and which - to some extent - have more in common with the environment of the 1970s than with that of the past decade. He also presents six main trends that look set to be maintained.
Frequency: ad-hoc Topic focus: Global Latest issue: eng (PDF, 1 MB) deu (PDF, 1 MB)

Special investment themes

Better income: How multi-asset portfolios seek to provide stable income,

preserve capital and protect against inflation - September 2012

This publication looks at options for generating income without placing excessive demands on the capital base.
Frequency: ad-hoc Topic focus: Global Latest issue: deu (PDF, 324 KB) eng (PDF, 229 KB)

Emerging markets: The multi-asset approach - July 2012
This publication deals with investments in emerging markets and the strategy of investing in more than one asset class on the basis of a broader spectrum of opportunities and diversification benefits.
Frequency: ad-hoc Topic focus: Global Latest issue: deu (PDF, 4 MB) eng (PDF, 5 MB)