Andreas Schlatter

Andreas Schlatter is the Head of UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland and is responsible for doing business with institutional clients such as pension funds, banks and insurance companies. He is also in charge of business with UBS funds in Switzerland and Luxembourg and is responsible for working with other UBS business groups in Switzerland. He is a member of UBS's Executive Board for Switzerland and of the Global Asset Management Executive Committee.

Having gained a doctorate in mathematics, he joined UBS as a client relationship manager in 1996. After having held a variety of management positions, he was put in charge of UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland in 2009.

He works in the interests of the Swiss financial center by being the Chairman of SwissBanking's commission on institutional asset management and a member of the Swiss Federal Commission on Occupational Pensions.

Andreas Schlatter is married and the father of two school-age children. In his free time, he likes hiking, reads history books and publishes scientific articles on the fundamentals of physics.

My motto: "UBS's long-standing market presence, global expertise and close ties with the Swiss business world make for a unique combination for an asset manager in Switzerland."  

August Benz

August Benz is Head of UBS Fondcenter and CEO of Fondcenter AG. As such, he is responsible for UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland's investment fund platform. He was formerly Global Head of Strategic Planning at UBS Global AM. Before joining UBS Global Asset Management in 2007, he had been at Group Strategic Advisory, supporting important initiatives in the organizational development of the UBS Group. Before coming to work at UBS, August Benz had been involved in major integration and strategy projects at the Royal Bank of Scotland and had worked for RBS Group Strategy at the bank's headquarters in Edinburgh.

August Benz is married and the father of two small children. Everything he does outside work is centered on his family. In what little free time is left to him, he publishes articles on political systems and on the history of ideas.

My motto: "To be the biggest fund platform in Europe and the first port of call for clients."

Beat Goetz

Beat Goetz has been running Global Asset Management's institutional business in Switzerland since 2012. Before that, he was responsible for the Business Development division at UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland. In this capacity he, among other things, played an important part in developing and launching infrastructure investment solutions for Swiss institutional clients.

He started his career in the financial world in 1993 in the Quantitative Asset Management department of the old Union Bank of Switzerland (Schweizerischer Bankverein - SBV), initially being responsible for the risk management for selected equity and asset allocation funds before, in 1995, taking over as Head of Investment in Capital Preservation Portfolios.

He is a Chartered European Financial Analyst (CEFA) and gained an MBA in Business Engineering from the University of St. Gallen.

Happily married and the proud father of two children, he devotes his free time to his family and to sport, with a fondness for biking, jogging, and, in the winter, skiing.

My motto: "The world is changing more quickly than ever. Especially where regulations and investments are concerned, this makes for challenges for our clients. But they can count on us to deliver tailor-made investment solutions."

Bernard Grandjean

Bernard Grandjean is the Business Manager at UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland. In this capacity, he supports the Head of Global AM Switzerland, working with Global AM Switzerland's management to coordinate the handling of enquiries and problems. He also acts as the division's spokesman in a variety of committees and projects.

Bernard Grandjean's career started in 1987 when he joined what was then the Swiss Bank Corporation as a financial analyst specializing in Swiss equities. He then spent several years managing investment funds, specializing in Dutch and Swiss equities. From 1995 onwards, he worked as a portfolio manager for mixed mandates and was put in charge of collective foundations a year later. He took up his current position in 2009.

Bernard Grandjean is a member of the Swiss Financial Analysts Association (SFAA).

He spends his leisure time with his family, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and model aircraft. He is the Chairman of a model aircraft club and sits on the committee of the Swiss Model Aircraft Association, which has some 8,000 members. He also sits on the organizing committee for the 2013 Jet World Masters, to be held in Meiringen.

My motto: "Always lead by giving a good example; that way, you can demand, encourage and earn respect. Be open and honest and enjoy every moment, for you don't know how long it will last."

Hans-Ruedi Mosberger

Hans-Ruedi Mosberger is responsible for Business Communication and for developing UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland's business strategy.

Graduating in both financial and insurance actuarial science and information technology and organization in 1989, he started his career as an actuary with an international consulting firm specializing in insurance and pension funds. He went on to hold a variety of management positions in world-ranking consulting firms in the US and in Switzerland.

He joined UBS Global Asset Management in 2000, taking charge, among other departments, of Investment Solutions for institutional and wholesale clients in continental Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Hans-Ruedi Mosberger is a Swiss-certified pension insurance expert and actuary SAA.

He is married and the father of two sons. In his spare time, he plays tennis, skis and enjoys water sports.

My motto: "You have to make things as simple as possible - but no simpler." (Albert Einstein)

Clemens Reuter

Clemens Reuter is the Head of UBS Exchange Traded Funds (UBS ETFs), with responsibility for developing and expanding worldwide ETF business. Before joining UBS in February 2011, he worked for the SIX Swiss Stock Exchange, where, among other things, he played a major part in developing the ETF segment. Working in international finance, he has accumulated over 18 years' worth of experience of investment banking, stock market services and the investment fund industry. He graduated in business administration from the university of applied sciences in Cologne.

Clemens Reuter is married and lives in Zurich city. In their free time, he and his wife regularly go hiking in the Swiss Alps, taking their dog with them. He also enjoys sailing and cycling. He sees open-air activities such as these as the ideal balance to the stimulating tasks and challenges that he faces in his day-to-day working life.

My motto: "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success."

Gilbert Schintgen

Gilbert Schintgen is in charge of UBS Fund Management (Luxembourg) S.A, a company that manages those UBS Global Asset Management investment funds that are domiciled in Luxembourg. His role is to ensure the company's constant compliance, and that of the funds managed by it, with all the requirements imposed by regulators and the law, including tax law. He is also responsible for identifying all market risks by which the funds are affected, as well as all the operational risks affecting outsourced activities, ensuring that checks are carried out to see that they are kept within predetermined limits.

Having joined UBS in 1995, Gilbert Schintgen has held a variety of management positions in the area of investment funds. He took up his current position in 2010. He holds a EUPED Diploma from the Centre Universitaire du Luxembourg.

His family are his still center, and he also relaxes outside his working hours with hobbies that vary according to the time of year; they include hiking, motorbike riding and hunting.

My motto: "By means of the highest standards and robust corporate governance, we seek to ensure that the investors' interests are safeguarded at all times."

Andreas Suhr

Andreas Suhr is the Head of Business Management at UBS Global Asset Management Switzerland. He joined UBS in 1988 after gaining a diploma in business economics, completing a banking apprenticeship, a spell in industry, and spending time learning languages in Western Switzerland, and went on to work in a variety of positions as a client advisor, credit officer, credit controller and capital market transactions manager. He moved to UBS Global Asset Management in 2001 and spent some eleven years running third-party distribution and Fondcenter. He has been in his current post since early 2012.

He spends much of his free time with his three children as well as in jogging and biking. When he has enough time and the weather is fine, he also takes to the roads on his motorbike.

My motto: "Support to match business' needs - that's what we're aiming for."

Martin Thommen

Martin Thommen is in charge of UBS Funds. That means he's involved in developing and managing products and in marketing and selling UBS funds. His career in the financial sector began in 1982 when he joined what was then the Swiss Bank Corporation. Most of his career has been spent in asset management and in the investment funds business, in which he has 30 years of experience and is therefore one of the most experienced fund specialists in Europe.

Martin Thommen is President of the Swiss Funds Association (SFA) and a member of the Board of Directors of the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA).

Martin Thommen, 50, is married, the father of a daughter and a son, and lives in Sissach (canton of Basel-Country). He likes spending his free time outdoors, which means going on long hikes, mountain bike riding or playing golf in the summer, while taking to the ski slopes in winter.

My motto: "Together with my team, I produce first-class investment funds, and the one object in our minds is to meet our clients' investment needs."