Entrepreneurs Coverage Group (ECG)

As an entrepreneur, you are acutely aware of the close relationship between your business, wealth and family. Changes or decisions in one of these spheres can affect the others. Thus, it is essential for you to have financial and investment solutions that fully take such connections into account and that at the same time generate effective results appropriate to your needs.

As a financial institution with global reach, we offer complete and effective solutions, using the resources and specialized expertise of all of our business units. As a result, you have access to a wide variety of products and services - from corporate finance to private equity management and family consulting - all from a single source.

UBS is a reliable and experienced partner, regardless of your company's size or stage in the corporate life cycle. Furthermore, we know how important it is to have a consultant who not only promotes your company’s success, but who also understands and protect the interests of individual members of your family.

Entrepreneurs Coverage Group (ECG)

Purchase and sale of companies

UBS has a renowned track record of bringing buyers and sellers of companies or business units together using its contacts around the world. We are also specialists in identifying and integrating financial partnerships (private equity) and have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions. Whatever type of strategic decisions your company faces, we can offer you effective consulting tools and services.

Specialized strategic consulting

In order to assist you with strategic planning, your Client Advisor will grant you access to our global network of more than 400 specialized analysts with broad coverage of industries and sectors. You will also have access to periodic research publications and reports that summarize primary trends in international markets.

Fundraising through debt and equity tools

If you are considering funding the growth of your company or creating value through changes in your capital structure, your Client Advisor can explain funding options through debt and equity tools and introduce you to the many specialized services that we offer.