Financial Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Solutions for clients with special talents

Top athletes and entertainers spend a great deal of time training, rehearsing, traveling, competing or performing, so there is little time left to deal with financial matters. Our advisors have an impressive track record of advising top athletes and entertainers around the world, and can bring unique insight to your specific needs and aspirations. While you make the most of your talent, we can help you make the most of your money.

Corporate Executive Financial Services

Stock options are a method used by corporations to attract, retain and reward executives in line with the financial success of the company. Given the complexity of this type of compensation, stock option management demands highly specialized skills to service both the executives and the company. UBS has a dedicated team to manage stock option plans for companies, which also provides assistance to plan participants regarding private financial matters.

Corporate Advisory Services

As a successful business person, you count on the expert advice of specialists to relieve you of particular tasks and to support you in achieving your aims. UBS offers you and your business a full selection of advisory services, including sophisticated financial services for your management team.