UBS Tactical Beta Fund – Conservative


We seek to deliver innovative and outcome-orientated solutions to meet different client needs. 

Fund Features

Inception Date:  14 May 2012
Management Fee: 0.35% p.a.
Minimum initial investment: $20,000
Distributions: Quarterly
Entry/Exit Fees: None
Buy/sell spread: +/-0.15%
Switching Fee: None

Passive foundations, active overlay

The UBS Tactical Beta Fund is a self-contained investment solution. The foundation of the Fund is based on passive funds and ETFs. An active asset allocation and currency overlay is added to give our clients the opportunity to benefit from market movements.

Investment philosophy

Our key beliefs for managing the strategy are:

  • Market inefficiencies can be exploited by analysing both fundamental valuation and market behaviour indicators;
  • Teams generate ideas and individuals are accountable for iimplementation;
  • Risk should only be taken where compensated.

Investment objective

The Fund aims to provide investors with a total return (after management costs) in excess of its Neutral Allocation when measured over a full investment cycle (at least five years). Over the full investment cycle, this Neutral allocation displays performance characteristics of CPI plus 4.5% per annum on average.

Investor suitability

The Fund is best suited to investors who seek to enhance the returns from a diversified portfolio of income assets through a limited investment in growth and alternative assets.  

Additional information

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