Investment areas

A wide range of investment services from boutique-like capabilities

Equities: offers a wide spectrum of investment strategies with varying risk and return objectives. These are delivered by distinct investment teams, each with dedicated research and portfolio construction resources, which are organized around regional capabilities and styles: Global, US, Europe, APAC & Emerging Markets, Growth, and Structured Beta & Indexing. Strategies include core, unconstrained, long-short, small cap, sector, thematic, indexed, rules-based and other specialized strategies.

Fixed Income: diverse range of global, regional and local market-based investment strategies. Capabilities include single sector strategies such as government and corporate bond portfolios, multi-sector strategies such as core and core plus bond, and extended sector strategies such as high-yield and emerging market debt. In addition to this suite of traditional fixed income offerings, the team also manages unconstrained fixed income, currency strategies and customized solutions.

Global Investment Solutions: offers active asset allocation, currency, multi-manager, structured solutions, risk advisory and strategic investment advisory services. It manages a wide array of regional and global multi-asset investment strategies across the full investment universe and risk/return spectrum, structured portfolios, convertible bonds and absolute return strategies. 

Alternative and Quantitative Investments: two primary business lines – Alternative Investment Solutions (AIS) and O’Connor. AIS offers a full spectrum of hedge fund solutions and advisory services including multi-manager strategies. O’Connor is a key provider of single manager global hedge funds.

Global Real Estate: actively manages real estate investments globally and regionally within Asia Pacific, Europe and the US, across the major real estate sectors. Its capabilities are focused on core and value-added strategies, but also include other strategies across the risk / return spectrum.

Infrastructure and Private Equity: manages direct infrastructure investment and multi-manager infrastructure and private equity strategies for both institutional and high net worth investors. Infrastructure Asset Management manages direct investments in core infrastructure assets globally. AFA Infrastructure and AFA Private Equity construct broadly diversified fund of funds portfolios across the infrastructure and private equity asset classes, respectively.