Each of our Funds may earn income from their various investments. Capital gains or losses can occur on the sale of investments. All income and realised taxable capital gains will be distributed.

Your share of any income depends on how many units you hold in the relevant Fund at the end of the distribution period. The amount may vary with each distribution and unit prices normally fall following a distribution.

If you invest just prior to a distribution, you may receive some of your investment back immediately as income. Conversely, if you withdraw from a Fund just before a distribution, you might turn income into a capital gain or reduce your capital losses. We recommend that you seek professional tax advice relevant to your particular situation.

Distribution frequency varied from fund to fund. Please check the relevant PDS for further details.

Distributions will be paid as soon as practicable after the end of the distribution period.

From September 2006, to assist in your taxation planning, the proportion of the distribution that is franked is set at the time of each distribution. This proportion can be found in the distribution history below.