UBS Defensive Investment Fund

Investment objective
The Fund aims to provide investors with a total return (after management costs) in excess of its neutral allocation (the likely expected long term average exposure of the portfolio to various asset classes), over rolling five year periods. Over a full investment cycle (usually three to five years), this neutral allocation displays performance characteristics of CPI plus 4.5 - 6.5% per annum on average.

Investor suitability
The Fund is best suited to investors who seek to enhance the returns from a diversified portfolio of income assets through a limited investment in growth and alternative assets while mitigating the incidence and magnitude of periods of negative returns. Investors should have an investment horizon of at least three to five years.

By investing in the Fund, investors gain access to an actively managed, diversified portfolio of domestic and international securities.

An investment in the Fund has a number of benefits, including;

  • The potential to receive quarterly distributions and the potential for capital growth over the medium-to-long term. 
  • The pooling of assets in the Fund provides investors with access to investment opportunities and diversification that may not be available to an individual investor.
  • Flexibility to separate and manage different sources of investment risks to ensure that the Fund takes risks only when and where it expects to be compensated.
  • A portfolio constructed with a broad mix of investments, which aims to reduce the potential impact of negative performance from a single asset class over a sustained period of time and limit the risks associated with investing in a single market.
  • The Fund is managed by a team of experienced professionals with access to investment and risk management systems and processes which ordinary investors would not usually have.