Fixed Income Funds

Pioneers in fixed income management

Investing in a UBS fixed income fund provides access to a diversified portfolio of fixed income securities managed by a team of professional investors. UBS Global Asset Management was one of the first investment houses in Australia to offer a fixed income securities solution to individual investors who may not have been able to access this asset class otherwise. Fixed income provides on average higher returns than term deposits, reduces volatility and can act as “insurance” in your portfolio.

UBS Global Asset Management’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that fixed income returns move in line with fundamentals over time. Specifically:

  • For interest rates, medium-term returns reflect investors’ real return requirements and inflation expectations;
  • For sector allocations, medium-term returns reflect the underlying fundamentals and risks of lending to different asset classes within the fixed income universe;
  • For corporate credit, medium-term returns reflect a firm’s capacity to meet its obligations over time.

UBS Global Asset Management offers a selection of fixed income funds.