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Our range of Product Disclosure Statements are detailed above. The offers to which the Product Disclosure Statements relate are only available to persons receiving a copy (paper copy, electronically or otherwise) in Australia.

Notice of Change

  1. Please note that the privacy information set out in the product disclosure statements below has changed, effective 12 March 2014.The UBS Dynamic Alpha Strategy Fund A (AUD) Product Disclosure Statement now includes changes to privacy disclosure in section 9.2. Click here (PDF, 142 KB)for details.
  2. The Additional Information Booklet (AIB) for each of the other Funds listed below also includes changes to privacy disclosure in section 7 of the AIB. Click on any of the links entitled 'PDS Additional Information' for details. 

Information that is not materially adverse information is subject to change from time to time and may be updated by means described in any UBS Product Disclosure Statement. The updated information can be obtained at any time by visiting this website or by calling our Client Service Team on freecall 1800 023 043. A paper copy of any updated information will be provided without charge on request.

From our fees (including anticipated future fees), we may at our discretion choose to rebate part of those fees to various dealer groups whose clients are or become investors in our funds.