UBS IQ Research Preferred Australian Share Fund


The Fund will normally make distributions half-yearly for the periods ending 30 June and 31 December.

Frequency Ex-entitlement date Record date Payment date Distribution (cents per unit)
Semi annually 01.07.2014 03.07.2014 17.07.2014 218.1785
Semi annually 02.01.2014 08.01.2014 22.01.2014 37.8582
Semi annually 01.07.2013 05.07.2013 18.07.2013 50.6740
Semi annually 02.01.2013 08.01.2013 23.01.2013 0.7537

Distribution reinvestment plan

UBS Global Asset Management (Australia) Ltd has established a distribution reinvestment plan for the Fund which provides Unitholders the option of reinvesting distributions in Units in the Fund rather than receiving payment from the Fund for a distribution period.

Forms to apply for participation in the plan are available by contacting Link Market Services:

Address Locked Bay A14 Sydney South NSW 1235
Freecall 1800 810 869
Fax 02 9287 0303